10 Essential Apps Accountants Need to Show Their Clients

To truly transform your clients’ systems, reviewing processes and systems is a great start.

There are plenty of apps that can boost productivity, improve profitability and streamline collaboration between your firm and your clients.

Knowing which add-ons that will enhance productivity is key to avoiding technology overload. So we’ve shortlisted the apps that not only simplify your clients’ lives but will help your firm better deliver value-added services.

1. Xero

While the platform itself is a no-brainer, Xero are committed to removing as much manual administration processes as possible. The app, allows you to work on the move and essentially run your business from anywhere. It’s easy to send invoices, approve expenses, input receipts and reconcile. `

2. Futrli

Intelligent reporting at the click of a button. No spreadsheets, no hassles, just super-fast information for your client’s business.  An all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine with all the time-saving tools you need to build tailored, actionable business insights for your clients.

3. Receipt Bank

No matter how your clients handle their invoices and receipts – Receipt Bank has you covered. No more manual data entry, as the software extracts all the key information for you.

By pulling information from receipts and invoices accurately, efficiently and securely into a Xero account, your clients will save time and the environment too.

SKA Tip: Your clients can automatically match their paid invoices and receipts with their bank feed in Xero on-the-go. The two systems integrate seamlessly to provide a near real-time view of their accounts.

4. Vend

Vend’s point of sale is ideal for retail stores, especially multi-store setups.

Skip the double entry and save time every day when your retail clients’ point of sale is connected with their accounting software. It has an excellent integration with both Xero and Deputy.

5. Tradify

Empower your trade clients to focus on business operations by making it easier to manage invoicing, quoting and scheduling.

Tradify’s seamless integration with accounting solutions makes managing your client’s cashflow (a challenge typical of trade businesses) a breeze

6. Debtor Daddy

With Debtor Daddy, your clients will change the way they do business with a simple, set and forget credit controller.

Your clients can stop wasting their valuable time (and money!) on chasing debtors and ultimately improve cashflow.

7. Deputy

A leading employee scheduling and workforce management software, Deputy is ideal for businesses with a large number of employees.

Whether their employees want to view their timesheets, swap shifts, clock on and log off, apply for leave or request unavailability; this app can handle most workforce management requirements with ease and versatility.

SKA Tip: Consider Deputy once your headcount reaches 10.

8. Stripe

Getting your clients paid by their customers, is invaluable. And thanks to Stripe, there are multiple ways to complete transactions and your clients to accept payment.

Stripe accepts credit and debit cards; and can handle payments from anywhere in the world.

9. Slack

As you know, dealing with growing pains is a natural part of growing and scaling a business. And as your clients add more customers, employees or regions, they will inevitably arise.

However, by adopting Slack, your clients can have a single hub for messaging, tools and files — streamlining communication, saving time and aligning everyone to your business goals.

10. Dropbox

Our preferred document management app, Dropbox saves you from the hassle of daily backups and server management. We use it to communicate with our own clients and create a streamlined and collaborative document/file portal.


Final thought

We unburden you by recommending and implementing the right system, tailored to your client’s individual needs.

What’s more, after we set it up, we’ll train and mentor your clients to ensure the technology is adding maximum value.


Want to start driving more efficiencies for your clients?

Get in touch to start your journey today.

Renee and the team at SKA.


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