Converting clients to the cloud with ease: everything you need to know

Conversions can be a tricky beast. And if you aren’t doing conversions regularly, they aren’t always easy.

Converting to any system, often requires you to know not only the incoming system, but also, the outgoing system as well.

For example, to convert from MYOB over to Xero, you not only need to know the conversion steps in Xero, but also, how to access this information from within MYOB.


Introducing: Jet Convert

Luckily, our friends at Jet Convert make this really easy.

They provide a step-by-step guide to the process, and take all the hard work off your hands, all for a fixed price. They provide regular updates and advise of expected turnaround times.

If you’re considering a full conversion, but don’t have the capacity to manage it effectively in-house, I recommend using the expertise of Jet Convert to save you (and your clients) time and money.


Here’s how simple it is:

1.     Prepare your data with pre-conversion recommendations from JetConvert

2.     Upload your file to the website

3.     Choose the best conversion package suited to your needs (three package choices)


JetConvert will then convert your data, check for accuracy and give you an action checklist with an analysis of your data and the next steps to take.

Then you’re ready to GO!

The best part? Xero subsidises every conversion with $220, so you get an even better deal on the conversion packages!


Final thought

The biggest pitfall of the conversion process is the inadequate preparation of your existing accounting system. Safekeeping Advisory can help by reviewing your existing data and making adjustments to fit the conversion requirements.


Speak to us today! We’ll take care of it.


Renee and the team at SKA.

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