The 4 tell-tale signs you need a bookkeeping partner

While the roles of accountants and bookkeepers can sometimes overlap, us bookkeepers see ourselves as a collaborative partner for accountants.

Which means we’re happy to do the tasks that, let’s face it, prevent you from doing what you do best.

But other than doing unwanted tasks, what are the tell-tale signs you (or your client), could really do with a bookkeeping helping hand?

1. You can’t stay on top of your work because you’re busy chasing clients or fixing their books

When your client’s books aren’t up to date, this has a flow on effect to your systems, which stop reflecting the real-time state of your client’s performance.

This makes it harder (and sometimes impossible) to understand your client’s cash flow and accurately gauge the health of their business. Accessing out-of-date data prevents you from giving your clients the level of advisory service you strive to deliver.

2. You want to implement new services, but are tied down with clients, questions and data

Do you have great ideas on how to grow your firm and better service your clients? But struggle to implement them because client work, questions and sifting through out of date data drags you down and sucks your time?

Building new services for your clients not only adds value to our own business, but it adds value to your client service offering.

Bookkeepers provide your clients with the right tools to automate their own data entry, provide a barrier for the flow of questions about menial tasks and unburden you so you can build your business, introduce new services and service your clients.

3. Rapid growth has left little time to invest in systems, processes or training of your clients

Having the systems and processes is one thing but empowering your clients with the right knowledge so they can effectively use what you have put in place is a whole different story.

It’s important to have an open, transparent culture, supported by cloud technology. A technology loving bookkeeper will take that training piece right off your hands. Bookkeepers can set the technology up and train and mentor your clients to ensure the technology is adding maximum value and you’re free to do what you do best.

4. You dream of a holistic service offering, but missing the bookkeeping piece of the puzzle

You’ve got the accounting down pat, but your clients need a bookkeeper you (and they) can trust will get the job done.

Partnering with a bookkeeper you and your clients can collaborate with will allow for an open, collaborative and holistic service offering. Identify issues and flag risks, creating efficient resolutions and effortless, value-added client service.

Free your firm from the juggling act and throw the balls in a bookkeeper’s court. If your accounting firm is suffering from any of the above symptoms, it might be time to consider a low-risk, affordable, reliable, bookkeeping alternative.

Get in touch to make your life easy.

Renee and the team at SKA.

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