The accountant and the bookkeeper: as simple as 1, 2, 3?

Like most industries, the accounting and bookkeeping landscape has changed considerably over the last few years. As technology and automation revolutionise our industry, an opportunity has emerged for the bookkeeper (that’s us!) and the accountant (that’s you!).

As we both turn to advice to differentiate our service offering, the way in which the accountant and bookkeeper can work behind the scenes to deliver a seamless and holistic client service has evolved.

For some, this might sound idealistic, however we believe it comes down to finding the right match.

And that all starts with you.

Firstly, consider what you want out of the bookkeeper and the relationship. Just like accountants, the bookkeepers of today are more diverse than ever.

The hands-on bookkeeper

A bookkeeper that loves to collaborate with you and your team. They deliver their service with a hands-on approach, value advice-led service and will visit your client at their premises.

The technology-driven bookkeeper

A lover of technology, this bookkeeper will automate your client’s business processes and create slick systems that save you, your team and your client oodles of time (and money!).

The back-of-house bookkeeper

The quiet achiever, the back-of-house bookkeeper will squirrel away out of sight while you deliver the client-facing service and advice.

The bookkeeping all-rounder

An all-encompassing bookkeeping “solution”, can do a little bit of everything, this bookkeeper can adjust the way in which they deliver their services, dependant on your firm and clients’ requirements.

Whatever the right bookkeeper looks like for you, just remember: your bookkeeping partner needs to reflect your firm’s ethos, your point of difference, and your firm’s focus as well as delivering a service that complements your services.

The result?

Once you’ve got the right relationship with the right bookkeeper, the bookkeeping offering should become a profitable extension of your business, without the cost of an in-house service.

At SafeKeeping Advisory, we work with accountants to offer a range of service options, tailored specifically to you and your clients’ needs, in a way that suits you.

Let’s talk.

We’ll take care of it.

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