The changing world of accountants: from technical to advisory and beyond

The changing world of accountants: from technical to advisory and beyond

The traditional accounting service continues to transform as technology evolves and clients demands shift.

Clients are becoming more interested in the benefits of an accountant who can recognise market demands through a more proactive and advisory approach.

From a world that once was routine tasks and responsibilities; crunching numbers and counting the beans for businesses, you must now prepare to embrace the challenges and seize the opportunities to deliver sustainable business solutions.

Take advantage of emerging technology

Technology should be considered a tool that will allow you to focus on one of its most vital roles – being a trusted adviser for your clients.

By embracing cloud-based solutions, you can monitor, analyse and provide actionable advice in real-time to drive business success.

Keep up with demands

New software is automating basic accounting functions allowing more time to communicate with your clients and understand their requirements.

By staying at least one step ahead, you’re enabling more time to understand business objectives and monitor your clients’ market and societal trends.

Look beyond the numbers

Understandably many business owners focus on cashflow and the amount of money in the bank as a sign that their business is successful.

Being their trusted advisor, you can look beyond the numbers and understand what the behaviours and drivers are that are producing those numbers.

The concept of business advisory as a value-added service has long been offered in bookkeeping.

Partnering with a bookkeeper for success means you can be the strategic partner in your client’s businesses that they need you to be.

Is it time to add value to your client accounts?

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Renee and the team at SKA.

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